Reports on Gender Equality

In this section you will find a list of links to some important reports on Gender Equality. Do you know of more reports or resources that should be added to this list?

Time for Equality Team


Website of The Global Gender Gap Report 2012

The Global Gender Gap Report 2012


The impact of the economic crisis on the situation of women and men and on gender equality policies 2013


UN WOMEN Progress of the World’s Women

UN WOMEN Annual Report


Website of the UN Women Gender Equality Evaluation Portal


The 2012 World Development Report on Gender Equality and Development,,menuPK:7778074~pagePK:7778278~piPK:7778320~theSitePK:7778063~contentMDK:22851055,00.html

Training manual on discrimination for NGOs: Awareness-raising seminars in the areas of non-discrimination and equality targeted at civil society organisations (ART) project

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