Change is possible, it’s time for change, Time for Equality!

Change is possible, it’s time for change, Time for Equality!

I am proud to officially launch The Equality Blog and to welcome you to our new website. Happy to continue with my passions and interests, after a long career in the European public function, to find my new voice and place, and to share my energy, enthusiasm and knowledge for this project.  

Time for Equality is a non-for-profit, civil society initiative with strong values, ambitious goals and a realistic approach. We believe that change towards a more equal society is both necessary and possible. Change does not necessarily require big or heroic actions, it starts at home, in everyday life, in the family, at school, at work, in society. 

Together with the fantastic people who have believed in, and contributed to this project since the very beginning – Ayla, Carla, Dario, let alone Antonio  who created TFE’s great logo  – and many others who have been supporting our efforts, we want to create an open and inclusive platform for learning, exchanging and taking action.

This is why we intend to pay particular attention to what each one of us can do, in our daily life, and according to our possibilities, in order to make a difference and implement equality in practice. We will focus on the importance of education and of awareness-raising,  on the role of stereotypes, which are often so deeply entrenched that we do not even recognize them and continue to live with them. We will look for role models, for committed and inspiring people who walk the talk, and show in their daily actions and lives that real change starts inside you first.

I hope that Time for Equality can really become our common space, a space that will grow with your input and participation. That’s why I’d like to invite you to visit our website to learn more about us, the areas we’ll focus on and our activities and to send us your comments and suggestions.

Thank you! Rosa Brignone
Specialist in Equality, Diversity & inclusion
L-1469 Luxembourg

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