Carla Fronteddu, Gender Specialist

My name is Carla Fronteddu. I have a PhD in Political Philosophy, with a thesis on gender studies, as well as a Degree in Philosophy, a Master Degree in Sociology, and a Master in Gender Equality and Diversity Management.

Currently I teach the course Being a Woman in Italy: Redefining Gender Roles in a Changing Society for CEA and Intercultural Communication for Lorenzo De Medici Institute in the Florence.

In June 2013 I have started to cooperate with “Time for Equality,” where I contribute to thematic files and communication activities.

My curriculum vitae

I agree with Rosa Brignone’s maxim “Change is possible, it is time for change, time for equality” and I strongly want to be part of this change.

This is my class blog AboutGender

Carla Fronteddu
Gender specialist

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