About us

10-03-09 Equal Diversity 12

Rosa Brignone, Founder and President

“A good mind and a good heart are always a formidable combination” : this quote by Nelson Mandela struck me with its simple truth at a critical moment of my life.

I had a long and rewarding career in the European Parliament, an Institution I was honoured and proud to serve during 25 years. Here I specialized in gender equality, human rights, diversity and inclusion, and developed a solid background in the EU legislation, policies and institutions. Read more…

Team and contributors

Behind a successful project there is always a great team. Although Time for Equality has only just set off on its journey and, of course, we want it to develop and grow, it can already count on the generous and valuable contributions from a group of talented and committed people. People who are putting their minds and hearts to the benefit of this initiative. Together we can do great things.