‘‘Wounded to Death’’ by and with Serena Dandini on stage in Luxembourg on March 24

‘‘Wounded to Death’’ by and with Serena Dandini on stage in Luxembourg on March 24


The well-known theatrical play ‘‘Wounded to Death’’, written and directed by Serena Dandini and produced by Mismaonda, will be performed on the 24th of March 2014 on the stage of the Auditorium, in Luxembourg’s Conservatoire de la Ville.

Onstage with Serena Dandini: Ainhoa Achutegui, Angela Ali, Jess Bauldry, Francesca Buffa, Dana Calimente, Helen Clarke, Hénoké Courte, Maria Rita Ferro, Celestina Iannone, Viviane Loschetter, Liz May, Lisa McLean, Luisa Mauro Partridge, Désirée Nosbusch, Elsa Rauchs, Paca Rimbau Hernandez, Isabelle Schroeder, Elena Trabucchi.

Highly acclaimed and praised in Italian theaters since 2012 and following a successful international tour in Brussels, New York, Washington and London, ‘‘Wounded to Death’’ will be presented before Luxembourg’s public, as part of the first stage of the project’s tour in 2014.

This exclusive event is co-organised in Luxembourg by Time For Equality and Libreria Italiana, under the patronage of the Italian Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Embassy of Italy to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Italian Cultural Institute, the Equal Opportunities and the Family and Integration Ministries of Luxembourg, with the support of Gucci, Luxair, the Banco Popolare Luxembourg and the Italian-Luxembourgish Chamber of Commerce.

‘‘Wounded to Death’’, written and directed by Italian journalist and writer Serena Dandini, in collaboration with researcher Maura Misiti, is aimed at giving a voice to women who lost their lives at the hands of a husband, partner, lover or an “ex”.

The project consists of a series of monologues, based on real life situations, taken from Serena Dandini’s book ‘‘Ferite a morte’, published by Rizzoli. Through these texts, the protagonists tell their own stories. Onstage, some of the most important female decision-makers and women from civil society, take turns to give a voice to these stories in a dramatic theatrical performance, which plays contrastingly with light language and with the ironic and grotesque tones of Serena Dandini’s writing.

In the following video, Queen Noor of Jordan reads the monologue ‘‘Lotus Flower’’ during the ‘‘Wounded to Death’’ performance on December 3 in London:

In Luxembourg, Serena Dandini will be joined on stage by important female personalities in the local fields of entertainment, politics, culture, media and civil society, who have kindly accepted to take part in this theatrical piece and support this important project – fighting violence against women and femicide, a recurrent phenomenon for women worldwide, regardless of age, origin, cultural level and income, social or professional status. The monologues will be read in Italian, French, and English.

Along with raising awareness on violence and femicide, this initiative also aims to support associations which help victims of domestic violence in Luxembourg. The organisers support “Femmes en Détresse” (www.fed.lu) with a donation. To donate to FED: BCEE LU87 0019 1106 6556 2000 “Blessées à mort”.

Tickets for ‘‘Wounded to Death’’ on sale at
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20€ normal / 15€ reduced for people under 18

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Photo, courtesy of Mismaonda: Serena Dandini on stage in Washington, at the Organisation of American States (OAS), 19 November 2013; Credit Neige De Benedetti.