The GloBuntuKoffer© Ambitious Workshop for Women 40+

The GloBuntuKoffer© Ambitious Workshop for Women 40+

Luxembourg, 24th May, 14.00 – 18.00

The GloBuntuKoffer© Ambitious Workshop for Women 40+

Are you already a member of the 40+ club? Congratulations and welcome to the most exciting and beautiful period in life! 40+ is that time in a woman’s life when she either have a break down or a break through. At forty we already have gone through an mixture of stages in our life. Personally, we have absorbed educations, gathered work experiences in diverse working environments, put up with colleagues and supervisors.

Emotionally we have gone different sets of relationships, put up with separations from love ones, see friends come and go. Some of us have experienced the joy of motherhood, raised and see your baby grow to adulthood and either leave home or still hovering in “hotel mama” expecting free services.

Professionally you are either happily having a good career, seriously working on one or disillusioned, bittered and unhappily asking “why me? Or have given it all up and got comfortable with the argument “it is not for me, I am not good enough”! I should be happy with what I got” etc.

Financially, all is either well, or you are still struggling every single minute of the day working so hart and still wondering ho to make ends meet.
Spiritually you belong to the few who already found their peace of mind or you belong to those who are still peace finding trip.

Whatever your journey has been, the truth is that at 40+ we women have gone through and had to put up with so many people, situations and that have led to decisions that have deeply shaped the person we are today. At 40+ we are more in the position to know our “nice to haves” and our “non-negotiable”. 40+ is the right time to look back, reorganise the present to ensure the future we dream of. It is the right time for clean decisions, for courageous and ambitious decisions. Be fearlessly ambitious and clearly nonnegotiable when it comes to you, your 40+ possibilities and desires!

This workshop is carefully designed to resourcefully guide you through this crucial exercise.

With the GloBuntusuitcase© Beatrice Achaleke accompanies you with pleasure in this beautiful process.

The aim of the GloBuntusuitcase® 40+ Ambitious workshops

Reach out to fearlessly ambitious women aged 40+
Help them unlock opportunities and go from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY
It is about defying the impossible and stepping into your true greatness
It is about walking women from any past breakdowns to future breakthroughs.
It is more than just a workshop, GloBuntu is a self-transformational journey

What you get from this workshop

To you as a participant I can already promise the following

• Refreshing insight about your true self and your professional life dreams
• More clarity on possibilities and possible actions steps.
• Suggestions, tips, tools that will make you Top fit for your fearlessly and ambitious breakthrough
• Lots of fun and laughter
• Moments you will not forget very quickly
• Make you the diver of your personal transformation

Target Group:
Women aged 40+ who are not only ambitious, but also fearlessly ready for a life transformational journey that will take them to the next level.

Highly participatory consisting of various exercises, short lectures, mini-case studies, role playing, storytelling, individual and group work

Investment: €50.00
Non-profit associations, unemployed/low income women: please contact us for special rates

Bonus free entry to GloBuntu Bedtime stories for global players

Venue: Room A.11, Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster, Luxembourg

About Beatrice Achaleke

Beatrice AchalekeBeatrice Achaleke (Austria/Cameroon), CEO of Diversity Leadership, Founder and Manager of the European Diversity and Inclusion Congress, studied Law at the University of Yaoundé and sociology at the University of Vienna. She has extensive training experience in diversity management and intercultural communication and is particularly praised for her efforts in supporting and including diversity in the management of companies, training and educational establishments.

Equally active in community empowering, human rights and women’s rights, Beatrice was the first black woman to seek nomination in Austrian parliamentary elections in 2008.  Beatrice received many awards and recognitions, e.g. the Make a Difference AwardWorld Diversity Innovation Award’, African Diva Award, the MIA Award and an official decoration by the Federal Republic of Austria for her engagement in the country’s intercultural dialogue.


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