Expressions of Humanity 2020-21

Expressions of Humanity 2020-21

Expressions of humanity” is our cycle of events that use the power of arts and human stories to raise awareness of human rights issues and to achieve a social change.

During the cycle of 2020-21, despite the difficulties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly thanks to the close collaboration of Rotondes, we were able to organize three events by combining physical and virtual ones for the first time. Throughout this cycle, we touched upon different stories surrounding international migration from different points of view.

We are also proud to announce that we were able not only to strengthen the existing partnership with other associations but also to develop new ones. Many thanks to the participants and our partners. 



The first event took the participants into a cruel world of labor exploitation in the agri-food production sector in Italy.



The second event throws light on the journey of African migrants crossing border through the western Alps from Italy to France.


OVERSEAS (11.05.2021)

The third event invited to discover the world of Overseas Filipino Workers, particularly women working in the domestic sector.


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