EXIT – Expressions of Humanity

EXIT – Expressions of Humanity

A journey out of the heart of human trafficking 

As part of the cycle “Expressions of Humanity. What kind of world do we want to live in”, Time For Equality and the Rotondes invite to the screening of EXIT – A journey out of the heart of human trafficking, – in the presence of film director Alison Jayne Wilson. 

EXIT – A journey out of the heart of human trafficking | Rotondes – Explorations culturelles

A searing, award-winning documentary by independent film-maker Alison Jayne Wilson. Through a survivor’s lens EXIT tells the story of three women who were looking for a way out of extreme poverty and found themselves at the heart of human trafficking networks. It is a story about what it means to be trafficked for sexual exploitation, about the damage it causes and the extreme difficulties faced by those women who try to get out for good. ​“Exit” is not a straight road and many don’t make it to the end.


Alison Jayne Wilson is an Australian political scientist based in Spain. She has worked in the not-for-profit sector for 15 years as a communications strategist. She has worked in teams nominated for UN cultural innovation & human rights awards. Wilson made the move over to documentary film four years ago. after studying film in London and Spain. She has a soft spot for grassroots movements and is an activist contra human trafficking and sexual exploitation.


Documentaries can be catalysts for change, they can influence and build movements this is our aim with EXIT.

“I was compelled to make this film EXIT and give voice to the largely migrant women who are victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation in Spain. The film places a special emphasis on their recruitment and how this could happen to almost anyone, but we also discover how hard the recovery is for survivors of human trafficking – and the devastating reality that many don’t make it to the end. During making this film I learnt that it is their children who are the secondary victims of this crime.

Documentary films have become an integral part of social change. They can illuminate social injustices and tragedies in remote parts of the world or our own neighbourhoods. 


Event information

Date & Place

Tuesday, 28th March 2023, 18h30 – Rotondes

Age: 16 +

The event is FREE, please REGISTER HERE

EXIT – A journey out of the heart of human trafficking 

Director & producer: Alison Jayne Wilson
Spain, 2022 | Feature documentary | 67’ | OV (En, Es, Pt) English subtitles

Q/A with the film director and panel discussion

with Alison Jayne Wilson, film-maker; Jessica Lopes, member of the board, ASTI (Association de Soutien aux Travailleurs Immigrés),  Ambre Schulz, Passerell Luxembourg, Stéphanie Gardini, Médecins du Monde Luxembourg. Moderation by journalist Ines Kurschat.

Introduction by Rosa Brignone, Time For Equality.

Languages: Film in OV (en, es, pt) with EN subtitles. The discussion will be in English and French. Interpretation from FR into EN provided, with the support of TOD-ASTI. 

Contact and info: info@timeforequality.org




Expressions of Humanity | Time for Equality


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