Embracing differences as a resource: are European countries ready for it

Embracing differences as a resource: are European countries ready for it



Outline of Beatrice Achaleke’s presentation

Sunday, 16th of March, from 14:00 to 15:30
LUXEXPO – Centre d’Expositions et de Congrès
10 circuit de la Foire Internationale

Current demographic trends, coupled with the constant innovation in communication technology, are resulting to a rapid increase in mobility of people, goods and services around the globe. Even societal structures like families are witnessing revolutionary changes, giving way to new family structures like single, patchwork, generational same sex, intercultural, interreligious etc. with a tremendously far reaching impact on our societies (as a whole) than we are probably aware of.  Aging population vs. reducing birth rates, lack of skill labour vs. migration and integration policies are some of the key issues Europe is facing at the moment. From the business point of view, work and market places are becoming more and more diverse and complex not just in terms of in-competition but most of all when it comes to effectively managing these changes. The resulting shift in purchasing power and consumption habits between existing and emerging markets are urgently calling for new answers. Some of these answers lie in the ability, willingness of societies and businesses to deal with differences in a resource-oriented manner and this is what is commonly known today as diversity management.

To be able to face the socio-economic, and political challenges resulting from the above mentioned shifts, central European countries in particular would need to learn to look at many things from different perspectives. These include, embracing differences as resource to be used rather than a problem that needs to be solved. This means among others creating inclusive environments by consequently questioning existing traditions, value systems, leadership and business concepts, habits and behaviours, making adjustments where necessary, so as to stay competitive with emerging economies like Asia by 2030 and Africa by 2050.

In this keynote Beatrice focuses on the diversity imperative including challenges and opportunities for societies, organisations and businesses. She will be addressing the above-mentioned global shifts while taping into her many years of experience and expertise as an immigrant, initiator and president of Black European Women’s Council, entrepreneur, diversity manager, trainer, author, international keynote speaker and initiator of several international diversity conferences. She will be sharing facts and figures, developing arguments, and inviting and encouraging the audience to collectively think and act for change. Beatrice is refreshing, focused and passionately thoughts-provoking and has a talent in combining and communicating hard facts with the right portion of humour in a convincingly authentic manner that carries the power to inspire and move her audience.

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