Judge Paola Di Nicola as Woman Inspiring Europe 2014

Judge Paola Di Nicola as Woman Inspiring Europe 2014


We are really excited to announce that the Italian judge Paola Di Nicola has been recognized as Woman inspiring Europe and will be featuring in the Wo-Men Inspiring Europe Resources Pool and 2014 Calendar.

Aiming to highlight the achievements of some of Europe’s most remarkable women and men and to promote their positive influence on breaking gender stereotypes, the Wo-Men Inspiring Europe Resources Pool and Calendar collect and present their real-life stories.

The 2014 edition will highlight twelve outstanding profiles.

Last October, Time For Equality nominated Paola Di Nicola, for EIGE’s initiative Wo-Men Inspiring Europe 2014. Our proposal was backed by an amazing number of personalities, associations, institutions, and citizens who believe that she is a role model and a source of inspiration in her commitment to promote gender equality in the judiciary and in everyday life.


Paola Di Nicola works at the Criminal Court of Rome backed by her experience as a magistrate in the field of civil, criminal and labor law, and as a judge in civil matters, real estate and criminal executions. She was also in charge of the training of the judiciary in Lazio; between 2009 and 2010 Di Nicola chaired the Board, specially set up at the Court of Naples, for the waste emergency in Campania. She has been published in several judicial magazines about immigration, the environment, urban planning, and crimes against women. With La Giudice. Una donna in magistratura, a book halfway between biography and collective history of women in the judiciary, she made her literary debut.

The intense debate sparked by Di Nicola‘s book inspired our first Equality Dossier: The Judiciary through the Prism of Gender

We invite you to discover the richness of this debate by reading the Dossier and watching  the videos from the conference organized on 30 May 2013 in Luxembourg by Time For Equality in cooperation with Altrimenti Culture, with the patronage of Luxembourg Equal Opportunities Ministry.

In her testimony, which has both a personal and a collective significance, judge Di Nicola clearly and effectively raises important, current issues for a modern and inclusive society based on the principles of democracy and participation: gender in the Judiciary; the internalization of gender stereotypes, and their impact on the personal/professional level on the one hand and the social/institutional level on the other hand; the glass ceiling in the courthouses; trials dealing with sexual violence cases, and the use of gender in language, both in the legal language and in other types of language.

Paola Di Nicola has been recognised for her efforts to challenge traditional gender roles and gender stereotypes, and to promote gender equality awareness in many and diverse contexts, with particular attention to the younger generations.

We warmly congratulate Paola Di Nicola and wish to thank everyone who supported her nomination !



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