Time for Equality at the 2nd European Forum on Best Practices in Gender Equality – La Grande Soirée de l’Egalité des Genres

Time for Equality at the 2nd European Forum on Best Practices in Gender Equality – La Grande Soirée de l’Egalité des Genres

On 4th October Time For Equality will take part in the 2nd European Forum on Best Practices in Gender Equality-organized by Inspiring Wo-Men and the Luxembourg Chambre of Commerce in partnership with ESSEC Business School and Sacred Heart University Alumni Association.

Rosa Brignone will moderate the Round Table: Gender training in education.

Introducing efficiently gender training in education is crucial to promoting gender equality and changing gender stereotypes at an early age. Is support and training of teachers crucial? Is there a need of a broad political long-term commitment to gender equality in the field of education by the key stakeholders? How important is the legal and strategic framework for education ? Is enough working with teachers and students or should parents also be involved, and if yes, how? How can girls be attracted to typically male fields of study and vice versa? What are effective ways of raising awareness of gender biases that restrict the economic and social role of girls and women?


Erna Hennicot-Schoepges, ministre de l’Éducation nationale (1995-1999) et de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche (1999-2004)

Henoké Courte, Professeure à l’école européenne de Luxembourg, conseillère communale à Walferdange/span>

Colette Mart, Echevine de la ville de Luxembourg en charge du Service de l’enseignement

Pascale Vielle, Professeure en droit à l’Université catholique Louvain la Neuve

Nicolas Ries, Partner AIMS

Anita Drohé, 2013 Inspiring Woman of the Year in Education

Serge ThillAccompany Luxembourg

The Round Table will be held at the Cercle Munster Luxembourg, on the 4th of October at 15:30.

For further information about the event: http://www.inspiringwo-men.eu/Uk/Events/

The Forum is part of the initiative “Inspiring Woman of the Year & Top Company for Gender Equality” Awards placed under the patronage of Viviane Reding, Vice-President of the European Commission and of Xavier Bettel, Deputy – Mayor of the City of Luxembourg. It follows a 1stsuccessful edition of the attribution of the 2012 “Top Company for Gender Equality” Award to Bank of New York Mellon Luxembourg – in recognition of the great results demonstrated by BNYM Luxembourg in the recruitment, retention and advancement of a balanced percentage between men and women at all levels of its hierarchy.

If you want to learn more about Gender in Education, we invite you to read the following documents:







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