First Barometer on Diversity and Business in Luxembourg

First Barometer on Diversity and Business in Luxembourg

The first Barometer on Diversity and Business in Luxembourg was launched at a press conference in December 2014 in the presence of Corinne Cahen, Minister of Family and Integration, and patron of the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg.

The barometer surveyed the actions and policies of all the signatories of the Charter (until April 2014) and clearly indicates the real benefits for companies that conduct proactive diversity management.

81% of signatories believe that the signing of the Charter of Diversity Lëtzebuerg had a positive impact on the development of their diversity management policy.

70 % of the signatories believed that their diversity management policy leads to more respectful interpersonal behavior.

31% say their diversity policy has improved their overall business performance, while 58% noted an improvement in innovation and creativity.

57% found that they were able to attract and retain better talent and 53% reported improved working conditions.

A domino effect was observed: one business in five chooses its partners and suppliers based on their diversity policy and the same ratio encourages its providers and partners to implement such policies.

At the press conference, Minister Cahen called on all businesses, as well as public administrations to commit to diversity, saying that managing diversity was of the utmost importance in a country where it is omnipresent, and that the recognition of the multitude of human profiles contributes to the success of a business and society.


The Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg (set up in 2012) is a text composed of 6 articles, which any Luxembourg company or organisation can sign in order to express its commitment to promote diversity in their working environment by concrete actions that go beyond the legal and regulatory obligations of non-discrimination. Its objective is to encourage organisations to guarantee the respect and promotion of diversity in their workforce. It currently has 116 members, representing 13% of Luxembourg’s active population.

Time for Equality joined the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg in May 2014

Luxembourg will celebrate “Diversity Day” on 12 May 2015, when the first “Diversity Awards” will be given out.

The Barometer is available in French on the link below:


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