EU Gender Equality Law – Update 2013

EU Gender Equality Law – Update 2013

The European Commission has just released a new publication that provides a general overview of gender equality law at the EU level.

This publication provides a brief description of the historical development of EU gender equality law (section 2), followed by an overview of the relevant Treaty on European Union and Treaty on the Functioning of the EU articles and legislation (section 3). Next a number of central concepts of EU gender equality law are discussed (section 4). The study concludes with a consideration of certain vital aspects relating to the enforcement of EU gender equality law and some brief general observations (Sections 5 and 6).

This publication illustrates that a great deal of progress has been made in the area of EU gender equality law since 1957, and recognizes that “the progressive realisation of the equal treatment of women and men is certainly not only an achievement of the EU. Other international instruments, for instance, have no doubt also contributed to the adoption of equality legislation at the national level and the eradication of gender discrimination. It is, however, the mandatory character of EU law and the mechanism of judicial protection in the EU that have provided a crucial impetus to gender discrimination law in the Member States and the EEA countries.” 

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