Gender, Justice, and Stereotypes

Gender, Justice, and Stereotypes

  Time for Equality will publish a thematic file as a follow up to the event held on 30 May 2013 in Luxembourg with the Italian judge Paola Di Nicola, the author of La giudice, a book in which she talks about her experience over the past twenty years as a female judge, and draws attention to the gender question in the Italian judiciary.

The multimedia file will be available on this website by the end of September, in Italian, French and English. It will offer an in-depth analysis of the most important issues discussed in the book, from the presence of women in judiciary to sexism in language (the language of the legal codes as well as the language of everyday life).  It will contain videos, interviews and statistics.

Even though Paola Di Nicola refers to her own experience as a female judge in Italy, the debate held in Luxembourg, with the participation of the Romanian judge Camelia Toader, Member of the Court of Justice of the EU, revealed that gender issues are not only an Italian matter; the persisting prejudices against women and the inability to recognize and value the richness of differences go beyond boundaries and concern all professions.

Here a foretaste: interview with Paola Di Nicola

(Texte français: clicquer ici)

We hope you will enjoy the publication of our first thematic file!

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