Diversity Day 12 May 2015 – We Will Act !

Diversity Day 12 May 2015 – We Will Act !

Time For Equality will take part in the first national Diversity Day, on 12 May 2015, in Luxembourg.

The Diversity Day,  organised by the Committee for the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg, aims at encouraging companies, public organisations and NGOs to rally around diversity. Challenging conventional thinking and stereotypes, this day will be an unprecedented occasion for the country to promote each one’s talents and to act for an inclusive society.

This initiative was originally launched in Germany and has proven highly successful with over 2 million people involved last year. This diversity day gets celebrated more and more in Europe, with 8 countries participating in 2015.

On the agenda that day, companies and public organisations will conduct numerous actions to raise awareness on this subject, highlighting diversity as one of the most valuable assets for the country. Time For Equality will also propose actions: follow our updates on our website and on our facebook page to learn more.

In the afternoon there will be opportunity for discussions organized by the Committee for the Charter with diversity specialists. Marking the end of the day, the Diversity Awards Lëtzebuerg 2015 official ceremony will recognise excellence in the area of diversity management. The awards will be presented by Corinne Cahen, Minister for Family and Integration.

By participating in the Diversity Day Lëtzebuerg 2015, we will all contribute to raising awareness of diversity, to rewarding talent recognition and to promoting a more inclusive society.  We will act, and you?

Read about Time For Equality’s event:  Why Employ Disabled People?  and about the Diversity Day programme here.


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