12 May 2016 : Diversity Day!

12 May 2016 : Diversity Day!

12 may 2016 – Diversity Day Lëtzebuerg

This year again, on 12th May, Time For Equality is taking part in the national Diversity Day, organized for the second time by the Committee for the Diversity Charter Letzëbuerg.

Time For Equality’s Actions to mark Diversity Day 2016

The Diversity Day is an excellent opportunity for companies, public organizations and associations to join forces and demonstrate their commitment to act for an inclusive society by organizing concrete actions : informative meetings, workshops, stands, exhibitions, innovative partnerships, launching of new products or services, and many others.

Time For Equality’s action will focus on “Fostering an open and inclusive working environment” and will span over a few months: until mid-September 2016 we will be sharing a variety of resources via our online platform (website and social media). We will publish blogs, articles, interviews, looking at various angles of diversity and inclusion, and highlight best practice, hands-on tips and advice from a variety of experts. Follow our updates on our website

By participating in the Diversity Day Lëtzebuerg 2016 we will all contribute to raising awareness of diversity and its benefits, to rewarding talents and promoting a more inclusive society.

We will act, and you?

Organisations that took part in the Diversity Day 2015:



For more info, see the website of the Diversity Charter Letzebuerg


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