Photo exhibition – Rossana Jane Wade

Photo exhibition – Rossana Jane Wade

Rossana Jane Wade

Letizia Marcantonio at her home, in the province of Piacenza. On the table, photos of her daughter, Rossana Jane Wade, strangled when she was 19 years old by her boyfriend, Alex Maggiolini, on the 2nd of March 1991. The killer was released after twelve years in prison. He got married and has two children.

Judges should have in front of them the inscription ‘Justice is equal for all’. And instead, the man who murdered Rossana served only 12 years in prison. Is that all my Rossana was worth?

I was the one who identified her when they found her murdered. Rossana’s face was swollen and bruised. It was like when she was born, due to the fact that she came out head first, she weighed 4.2 kilos and was overdue by eleven days. She was swollen. I thought, as she arrived, so she went. And I fainted.


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