Photo exhibition – Jessica Poli

Photo exhibition – Jessica Poli

Renza Volpini lost her daughter Jessica Poli on February 13, 2007. Jessica was stabbed 33 times by her husband when she was 32. They had a four-year-old son. Jessica Poli’s body was found in the province of Mantua, on the bank of the Oglio River, after 25 days of searching: the murderer wouldn’t confess, he said that his wife had left, abandoning her family. 

I decided I wanted to be useful to other women. I started following the initiatives of other mothers of victims of femicide, by taking part in committees and demonstrations. I support women victims of violence who come to me for advice, I try to reassure them on the phone and, if they want, I accompany them to anti-violence centres.

Renza Volpini had two red benches installed in memory of her daughter in two villages in the province of Cremona.

I hope that whoever sees the bench will ask themselves questions, if only for an instant, about gender-based violence. I hope that a woman who finds herself in a difficult situation, when she reads the plaque dedicated to my daughter, will find a way and the strength to react. 

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