Photo exhibition – Giulia Galiotto

Photo exhibition – Giulia Galiotto

Giulia Galiotto 

Giovanna Ferrari, mother of Giulia Galiotto, in her bedroom at home in the province of Modena. She kept her daughter’s clothes, and from time to time she’ll wear one of them.

Giulia Galiotto was 30 years old when she was murdered by her husband Marco Manzini, on the 11th of February 2009. Over the years her mother has taken part in various initiatives that advocate stopping violence against women. To defend her daughter’s memory, Giovanna Ferrari wrote a book, « Per non dargliela vinta » (Edizioni il Ciliegio, 2012) – So as not to let him win, that she still promotes around Italy.

Giovanna Ferrari highlights the injustice of the trial, the fact that the families were unable to testify because of the summary proceedings, and the defiled memory of her daughter. To justify the acts of the murderer, to whom Giulia was married, the victim was described as a loose woman. 

Giuliano Galiotto, Giulia’s father, doesn’t like to speak about his daughter with strangers. It’s his wife who has a public role. He always accompanies her to the meetings, but he stays on the sidelines.

People from the outside don’t really know what happened. In the newspapers they called it ‘The Saint Valentine’s crime’ and a ‘crime of passion.’ Giulia and I were close and we talked a lot. I spoke to her at midday on the day he killed her. 



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