Photo exhibition – Giordana Di Stefano

Photo exhibition – Giordana Di Stefano

Giordana Di Stefano

Vera Squatrito is the mother of Giordana Di Stefano, who was stabbed to death 48 times at the age of 20 by her ex-boyfriend Luca Priolo. It was October 7th, 2015.

My daughter was hounded by Priolo. He sneaked into our house several times, he harassed her with phone calls and messages. She had reported him. And he killed her less than 24 hours before the first hearing of the harassment trial.

I spend my days between work, my family and my fight to raise awareness because there are too many women dying at the hands of men who don’t even know what love is.

Vera Squatrito founded the association Io sono Giordana.


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