Photo exhibition – Cristina Golinucci

Photo exhibition – Cristina Golinucci

Cristina Golinucci 

Cristina Golinucci disappeared on the 1st of September 1992. She was 21 years old. Marisa Degli Angeli took her daughter’s surname to continue to remember her.

I’ve always done everything I can to talk about Cristina, to preserve her memory. A friend made these posters with photos and newspaper clippings. They sum up all the story of Cristina, the before and after. 

On the day Cristina disappeared, she had an appointment with Father Lino Ruscelli, her confessor, at the Convent of the Capuchin Friars in Cesena.  She arrived at the convent, as proved by her car parked in the car park, and from that moment nothing more has been known about her.

She left home at five to two in the afternoon and she told me that we’d see each other that evening to go to the fête in Ronta, our hamlet. While I was at home doing some housework, at 2.20 pm suddenly everything started to slip out of my hands, as if it had become butter. It was Cristina who was asking me for help. I only understood that later on.


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