Expressions of Humanity

Expressions of Humanity

Expressions of Humanity” is our cycle of events that use the power of arts and human stories to raise awareness of social and human rights issues. In collaboration with Rotondes and other partner organizations, Time For Equality organizes a few events each year to create a place of raising awareness, sharing and acting. 

In pursuit of Time For Equality’s motto “Learn, Share and Take action”, Expressions of Humanity offers various forms of “lecture” of social issues through cultural expressions and humanist approach. Each event aims at inspiring the civil society to take initiatives and answering the question “What kind of world do we want to live in?”. 

“Each of our events sets a plan for action, sowing the seeds for the long-term.” Rosa Brignone Time for Equality | Rotondes – Cultural exploration


Ailleurs Partout

 icon-calendar 25 October 2022

Screening of “Ailleurs Partout” describing the journey of Shahin, a young Iranian man who fled the country alone, followed by discussion with the directors. 

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 icon-calendar 28 March 2023

Screening of “EXIT – A journey out of the heart of human trafficking”, a searing, award-winning documentary by independent film-maker Alison Jayne Wilson.

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The Consequences

 icon-calendar 19 October 2021

We hosted an open-air exhibit of Stefania Prandi’s work, shedding the light on the people dealing with the consequences of femicide.

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Shadow Game

 icon-calendar 15 March 2022

Screening of “Shadow Game”, a prize-winning documentary of teenage refugees crossing the borders through a shadow world.

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Writing With Fire

 icon-calendar 17 May 2022

Screening of “Writing With Fire”, a powerful documentary film capturing the story of women journalists breaking traditions of the cast and machismo system.

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During the cycle of 2020-21, despite the difficulties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly thanks to the close collaboration of Rotondes, we were able to organize three events by combining physical and virtual ones for the first time. Throughout this cycle, we touched upon different stories surrounding international migration from different points of view.

We are also proud to announce that we were able not only to strengthen the existing partnership with other associations but also to develop new ones. Many thanks to the participants and our partners.

Fair work, fair price, fair pay

icon-calendar 28 October 2020

The first event took the participants into a cruel world of labor exploitation in the agri-food production sector in Italy.

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No one can survive alone

icon-calendar 23 March 2021

The second event throws light on the journey of African migrants crossing border through the western Alps from Italy to France.

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icon-calendar 11 May 2021

The third event invited to discover the world of Overseas Filipino Workers, particularly women working in the domestic sector.

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Oro Rosso

icon-calendar 2 October 2019

The first event invited Stefania Prandi, journalist and photographer to present the result of her 2 years’ documentation work about hundreds of women working in the tomato and strawberry fields in Spain, Italy, and Morocco.

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Nessuno uccide la morte

icon-calendar 3 December 2019

For the second event, Time For Equality used a narrative approach through a noir novel to address the complexity of current societies and issues of mafias.

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Maid in Luxembourg

icon-calendar 5 February 2020

The first event in 2020 addressed “care” work, which is an often stigmatized and underestimated sector.

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Asile – Les mineur.e.s étranger.e.s non accompagné.e.s

icon-calendar 13 May 2020

The fourth event addressed the issues of unaccompanied minor migrants, a theme that is even more important in this time of crisis.

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The 2018-19 cycle addressed very diverse and often taboo human rights issues, such as violence against women, human trafficking and exploitation, migration, marginalization of indigenous communities, in a context of artistic and interactive format. Each event had a starting point, such as film screening, presentation of a book, or artistic performance, followed by inspiring testimonies and a debate with the public.

The exchange between the public and the stakeholders provided the opportunity to discuss solutions together, to see the links between what is happening at the global level and the local reality, and to strengthen the culture of engagement and collaboration at the local level.

The Journey of a Migrant

icon-calendar 23 October 2018

The every first event as part of Expressions of Humanity aimed to tackle and highlight issues relating migration, the current global refugee crisis and the response of our societies.

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Empowering women in Guatemala

icon-calendar 12 February 2019

The second event aimed to create awareness and a dialogue about ways and opportunities for Guatemalan indigenous women to use their own resources to work themselves out of poverty.

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La juge. Une femme dans la magistrature

icon-calendar 20 March 2019

The third event addressed a theme followed by Time For Equality since 2013: the presence of women and men in one of the places of power par excellence: the judiciary, the magistracy.

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Finding the patterns – Indigenous women of Canada

icon-calendar 20 June 2019

The fourth event created a visual and verbal landscape, allowing the participants to discover the resilience, inventiveness, and dynamism of the indigenous women in Canada.

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