Rosa Brignone, Founder of Time for Equality

Rosa Brignone “A good mind and a good heart are always a formidable combination” : this quote by Nelson Mandela struck me with its simple truth at a critical moment of my life.

I had a long and rewarding career in the European Parliament, an Institution I was honoured and proud to serve during 25 years. Here I specialized in gender equality, human rights, diversity and inclusion, and developed a solid background in the EU legislation, policies and institutions.

From 1998 to 2002 I worked for the EP Women’s Rights Committee. I was in charge of files in the field of gender violence, trafficking of human beings, and gender mainstreaming. In 2003 I was appointed head of the Equal Opportunities Unit, later renamed the Equality and Diversity Unit.

Over the years I developed and managed a high-performing team whose work considerably contributed to broadening the scope and activities in the field of equality and diversity within the Institution. Our motto was “The European Parliament as a Role Model” for public administration. We devised and launched innovative projects, e.g. a traineeship programme (more than 60 professionals with disabilities from all over Europe selected and recruited for a paid 5-month internship between 2007-2010); the Equality & Diversity Awards; positive measures for female potential managers.

In December 2012, I resigned from the European Parliament, I left what had eventually become a golden cage.

Time for Equality is a new beginning. As a passionate and committed member of civil society, to go back to Mandela’s inspiring words, I want to put my mind and my heart to the service of principles and values that are the pillars of a better and fairer society: equality, respect and dignity for the person, social justice. Hic et nunc. In everyday’s life, in the real world and with real people.

Change is possible, it is time for change, time for equality. Rosa Brignone
Founder and President
L-1469 Luxembourg
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Links Article on (English) 6 March 2014